Life Hacks You Must Learn For Christmas Time


It’s almost Halloween, meaning the stores are soon to be starting up with the Christmas carols and displays. Yes the season is upon us and it is never too soon to get going on your Christmas shopping. Grant Thompson, The King Of Random, has some hacks to get your holidays off on the right foot.

Some of them are for emergency situations, such as using a chip bag to wrap a gift. It is a brilliant idea that ends up looking great. Be sure to rinse it out first. Lol. Another fun idea is for storing wrapping paper. It is important to store it properly to prevent damage for the next time it is needed. You can use a toilet paper roll slit down the middle to help keep the paper from unraveling. Wrap it with aluminum foil to improve the look.

I love the pancake idea! You can make pancakes in unique shapes by using the cookie cutters you just got out of storage. Here are 25 other fun cookie cutter craft that I think you are going to love.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!