Looks Like A Hope Chest But Is Actually A Brilliant Bed-In-A-Box


Think of the one piece of furniture that takes up most of the space in a bedroom. The bed! Not like you want your guests to sleep on the floor (I suppose that depends on your guests). How do you furnish a guest bedroom without spending a small fortune?

Hide the bed. Wall beds are usually the solution. What if I told you there was a way to hide a bed that’s outside the box. Well, actually, this one is inside the box. I’ve lived in small apartments that did not have room for guests to sleep (except the sofa). Now here’s a new and incredibly clever innovation to save you not only space but money. Win-Win!

Watch this amazing bed in a box transform…

Oh lookie, there’s a key. What treasures will we find inside?


Open the lid and… No treasure.


 Hope chest full of wood. Lots and lots of wood.


What if we pull out a piece?


Planks attached. Is there an instruction manual?


With smaller pieces that all seem to connect.


Let’s pull out the handles on each side and see what happens.


Hello! Looks like an accordion.


Grab the ends and pull it straight. Color me happy, it’s a bed!


Let’s add the extra pieces of wood.


Top it off with an air mattress. Clever!


(Source Sliptalk)