This Looks Like A Real Life Polar Bear. But Zoom Out And – Wow!


Have you heard of Calvin Nicholls? He is the most talented Canadian artist! His medium? Paper. He makes the most creative 3D paper sculptures, many of which focus on animals and nature. They look so life like! I never knew so much could be done with just paper. Sure, I can fold a dollar to look like a T-shirt but that is the extent of my skill with paper.

Look at the detail that has gone into his winter wonderland. That landscape is gorgeous and so lifelike. And I am in love with the majestic soaring eagle and sleeping grizzly bear. The skill that goes into these sculptures is beyond my comprehension! You can see more of Calvin’s work, purchase your favorite pieces, see where his art will be displayed next, and so much more at his website. I love it!

Check out the video of Calvin’s amazing work here…Enjoy!