Desert Shed

The Lucid Stead Cabin By Phillip K. Smith III

Desert Shed

I have never seen anything like this. Have you??? I can’t stop looking at the Lucid Stead. Lucid stead? There once was a 70 year old homestead shack in Joshua Tree, California. Now, thanks to the artistic vision and creativity of Phillip K Smith III, is a masterpiece in the desert called ‘Lucid Stead.’

Smith took this rustic piece of history and turned into a piece of art meant to reflect the quiet and beauty of the desert about it. Every nail and scrap of wood from the original building has been preserved but he also added to it. He added mirrors to the outsides that reflect the desert and at night lights project into the desert.

He is hoping that four things will be conveyed through this old building. Light and shadow (interaction with the sun), Reflective light (the desert in the mirrors), projected light (the colored lights at night), and change (how the lights and desert change around us). It is really interesting.

The desert is beautiful. All on it’s own. Most people don’t think beauty and desert go together but they do. The Huntington can show you just how beautiful.

Here the video… Enjoy!