Make This Super Cool LED Light Up Rug


Check out this very festive craft featured at Wimp. How creative! It’s an LED light added to a spiral crocheted rug. There are simple versions, perfect for the DIY beginners, and there are more detailed designs, for those more ambitious crafters.

There are two basic things you need for this DIY. First, you need to be able to crochet and crochet loosely. Second, you need to have yarn and lights that complement each other nicely. I think the holiday one themed ones are very fun. The baskets are very creative too. Which would you like to make? Big or small? I’m not sure I would want my guests to stand on these lovely little mats.

Here is a more detailed tutorial for how to make Carmen’s rug. Pictures are well and good but details and details are the best. That’s what I personally need. Lol.

Find the DIY here…

LittleThings: Light Up LED Rug (tutorial)