cat playground

Man Turns Home Into An Amusement Park For His Cats


Ok this is crazy! How far would you go for your pets? Would you spend $35,000 on them? I love my furry friends but this is a little ridiculous. One man from Goleta, California, completely transformed his house into a cat wonderland. His 18 cats are living in the lap of luxury in their human sized cat home.

I love the backyard. The pergola is lovely. Surprisingly, the insides of the house still look great. It’s not the disaster you might think. The spiral walkways, scratching poles (floor to ceiling!), and ramps all blend very well into their surrounding and flow seamlessly with the houses decor. I just bought this for my cat. It’s not a remodeled home but he seems to like it and he can hide from the dogs. (I wouldn’t recommend it for large cats, there isn’t a lot of lounging room, but it is perfect for smaller ones.)

See the inside of this kitty fun house here…

Diply: Man With 18 Cats Spends $35,000 To Turn His Home Into A Cat Wonderland