Mason Jar Oil Candles

Mason Jar Oil Candles Tutorial

Mason Jar Oil Candles

Check out this terrific tutorial from Ms Dawn. What are your thoughts on oil candles? I hadn’t given them much before this. A few ounces of oil will burn for hours. Useful and beautiful!

At first glance it appears that you are filling up the entire jar with oil but in reality it’s mostly water and then just a couple tablespoons of oil is added at the end. Since oil will always stay separate from the water it’s always on top – right where it’s needed for the wick to draw from. How cool is that?!

Any glass jar or bottle will work, but I love mason jars and so do these guys. There are a lot of pics to get you inspired for any season and event. Save your pennies and make your own oil candles!

Check out the tutorial here…

MsDawn – How To Make Your Own Mason Jar Oil Candles

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Does it actually work? Watch the Pin Busters video here: