How To Teach Your Kids Math Concepts Using Legos


Do you know what the world’s most valuable toy brand is? I’ll give you a few clues. Their product was in one of the most popular movies of the summer of 2014. They have a theme park, and a huge video game franchise including Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

They have pirates, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Simpsons, police, firefighters, space themes, you name it they probably have it. The most expensive set, the Millennium Falcon, comes in at whopping $499.99.

If you don’t know by now, ask your kids if “Everything is Awesome”. They know Lego’s. You probably do too. But did you know the educational benefits of Legos? These folks sure do.

Lego’s can be used for a huge number of educational purposes. With them you can explore the obvious spatial reasoning and engineering. You can also use them for math. Multiplication, division, fractions…all of it can be explored with Legos.

You can even work on basic statistics (my least favorite math subject), mean, median, mode and range. OK, you can stop with the Lego Movie theme song now. No seriously, stop before it drives you to madness.

Here’s the full tutorial and learning guide: Scholastic: Using LEGO To Build Math Concepts

Don’t miss this video for some fun ideas too:

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