The Most Mesmerizing Wall Art I Have Ever Seen!


This is amazing! Jesse Rockwell, a blogger and photographer, took a breathtaking picture of the night sky over Santa Barbara and turned into the most awe-inspiring thing. The evening was clear and the stars were out in all their splendor. His photo captured the full glory of our galaxy. He took his pic and blew it up to 72”x32”. Why? So he could frame it, put lights behind it, and have the night sky at his fingertips whenever he wanted. He poked holes in the photo (for light to shine through) and got LED lights that were on a remote. This is such an awesome idea. It looks so lovely!

Do you know your stars? Do you have a favorite constellation? Most of us are pretty bad when it comes to picking out and naming those heavenly lights. I know a few; Orion, the Big and Little Dippers, Polaris, and Cassiopeia. Not many compared with how many stars are visible on a clear night. Here is a guide to finding some of the most popular constellations. It’s good info to know.

Here’s how it was done – step by step… See Here. Then watch this video below to see the whole canvas up close. Enjoy!