This 1.7 Million Dollar Motorhome Has a Built-In Garage

This motor home built by the German company Volkner Mobil created a luxury RV called the Performance S. This RV was created to be a ‘Five Star Hotel’ on wheels. When you step inside, it definitely holds up to that standard. This motor home is 40 feet long and has a full kitchen, comfy bedroom, heated bathroom, and a luxury drivers area with premium navigation features.

If these features previously mentioned aren’t enough, there is another great amenity of this motor home and that is the built in garage. When most people travel by RV, they tow their car on the back. But what if you have a high end car like a Mercedes or a Ferrari that you want to take with you? Surely you can’t tow that from behind! That is why this built in garage was developed. It even features a hydraulic lift to safely park your car in place as you get ready to hit the road.

This RV is made for those lovers of luxury who want to hit the open road without a worry in the world. For a mere 1.7 million dollars, you can enjoy life on the road in total luxury as well.

This RV is made by Volkner Mobil and has a built in garage

photos via: Volkner Mobil / Caters


And it has tons of other luxury features


There is a full kitchen


A heated bathroom


A cozy double bed


And a premium drivers area, so even the driver can drive in style!


It is the perfect RV for road tripping with your favorite luxury car


Want to see more? Check out this video demonstration: