Cacti Garden

How To Create A Mini Cacti Garden

Cacti Garden

Cacti remind of bright and warm sunny places. How I want to be in one of them now! Since that isn’t going to happen till spring break (New Orleans), I’ll have to placate myself with dreams and DIYs that remind me summer until then. This cacti garden is the perfect indoor project for a cold rainy day. I love the splashes of color these can bring to an otherwise drab winter existence. It’s a nice twist on traditional terrarium too.

Cacti are almost impossible to kill! Don’t worry if you forget to water them. No matter, they just live on. That’s a perfect plant for me! Be sure to wear gloves when planting your own cacti carden. Ouch! This whole project takes about 20 minutes, start to finish. Love it!

Not only are the fun to grow, but if cooked right, they taste good! Check out epicurious’s delicious recipe here.

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A Beautiful Mess: Planting A Simple Cacti Garden