7 Adorable Mini Crochet Home Ideas For Your Pet

If you love pets and crochet, then I got something cool to show you! Recently, people have discovered that you can crochet your own mini pet home for your furry friends. Unlike other generic pet beds or pet homes, these are actually eye catching.

Generic pet beds are boring. People will be amazed with these creative designs and your pets will know how special they are to you!

There are patterns you can purchase on Etsy, but you may not need them. If you are a crochet expert, then you can use these images as inspiration for creative designs of your own. But if you don’t know how to crochet now might be a time to learn so you can try out these designs for yourself!

I know I should start learning. It seems like I am missing out on cool craft ideas!

But you don’t need to have a pet or love crochet to admire these creations. These crochet homes make adorable pet pictures! Check out these creations below.

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1. Recently, people have started making crochet pet homes for their furry friends.

mushroom home

via: etsy


2. Instead of buying a generic bed, you can have something totally unique


via: bubanana


3. And your pets will love them!

log cabin

cat house

via: etsy


4. These crochet homes are perfect for cats and small dogs

kings throne

via: youtube


5. But you can also make one for your bird!


via: tumblr


6. There are patterns for sale on Etsy, but if you know how to crochet you can use these pictures for inspiration!

complete pet house

via: etsy


6.  Would you want one for your pet?

rv pet home

via: youtube

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