Miniature Crochet Animals (Free Patterns)

Hey guys, I just found one of the most amazing resources for FREE crochet/amigurumi patterns! This site has over 2,000 patterns featured and each one has a link to the free pattern.

Have you ever heard of Amigurumi? No? Well, it is Japanese and refers to a small knit or crochet stuffed animal. They are so cute! Here’s one of my favorites I found on the blog…

Free Pocket Fox Pattern

Get the pattern here: Spin A Yarn Crochet

Resource: 2,000+ Free Amigurumi Patterns

This is one of thousands of free patterns over at the Great Amigurumi blog. They feature so many free patterns of adorable tiny creations just like the one above. Head over and have a browse – GreatAmigurumi – 2,000+ Miniature Crochet Patterns

Want to buy something cute and tiny instead?

I stumbled on these super cute miniature crochet animals created by Suami. You can find all her wonderful little creations over at her Etsy store!

suami mini crochet

Amigurumi Video Tutorial (tiny monsters)

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