This Amazing Moldable Glue Has So Many Uses


This is neat stuff! Sugru is a moldable glue with multiple uses. It’s like Play-Doh for adults. It comes in fun colors and can be shaped and molded just like Hasbro’s clever moldable ‘dough.’ The differences end there. When Sugru dries it doesn’t become all hard and nasty (and impossible to clean up). It turns into a strong but flexible glue/adhesive.

Where can I buy some? I can’t believe that I haven’t heard of this before! The packets look like soy sauce and come in a variety of colors. Fun! Speaking of fun, that’s where it got it’s name. It’s derived from an Irish word for ‘fun.’ This video from Dave Hax shows some of the incredibly clever ways it can be used. I really like toothbrush holder and shoe storage. It’s amazing that’s it so flexible when dry!

Now that I know about Sugru I’m going to go hunt some down. If I can’t it locally I’m going to the world wide web. That’s what Amazon is for! Looks like it’s pretty affordable too! Here’s the product link.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!