Look What This Guy Creates From Molten Aluminum In A Fishtank!


The art that is produced from this crazy science experiment is incredibly beautiful. We found this popular Youtuber, the Backyard Scientist, and knew we just had to share him with you! This young gentleman simply goes by the name “Backyard Scientist” and even has a Facebook page (he’s pretty popular!).

In the video below, you’ll see him fill a fish tank full of water polymer beads. What he does next with molten aluminum will likely raise a few eyebrows! Make sure to watch the entire video so you can see the various pieces of art he produces. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to try this at home without the proper equipment and skills – it can be very dangerous.

Molten metal can be very messy. It may look like fun but it certainly takes proper preparation, knowledge and the right equipment to handle it safely. After watching the video below you might see how these creations of art would look great in your own backyard.

Here’s the full video tutorial… Enjoy!