Mom Approved Tips And Tricks For Craft Time

Are you one of those moms? You know…those moms. The perfect ones that are a mix between Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, and June Cleaver? I don’t think many of us fit that bill. But it’s ok! There are brilliant hacks out there that make faking it easy. This video from What’s Up Mom’s has some arts and crafts hacks that you are going to love. Love love love love. It features 12 ideas that will revolutionize you and your kiddos craft time. These ideas will help reduce mess, organize supplies, and so much more. Now maybe you can actually enjoy craft time and look like the perfect mom in the process.

I’m a fan of the ‘Press n Seal’ clean up method. I’m also anti glitter so the lint roller would come in handy in case that dang glitter fairy makes it past me. (I hate her.) These ideas are great. I wish I’d know about them when I was a youngster! Here are some crafting hacks that you should also check out. Thanks Buzzfeed.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!