Mom Transforms a Gross Shipping Container Into a Shockingly Nice Tiny Home

A single mom who fell on hard times decided to get creative, and she did something that no one else has done before. Lulu is a country girl from Argentina. She decided that a 9-5 job just to pay rent plus going to school was not the lifestyle she wanted. So she moved herself and her children into a standard shipping container. But this container is anything but ordinary!

With very few expenses, she was able to convert this shipping container into a tiny home. She actually received the container for free! Everything she needed she was able to find at a junkyard. She found all of the cabinets, tables, and floorboards she needed. Her largest expense was installing windows and insulating the home, which cost her $4000. Overall, this tiny home has 160 square feet.

But the project of turning a shipping container into a tiny home was worth it. This home has a bedroom, a bathroom with a toilet, a bathtub, and a sink, and a play room for her daughter. Not bad for this new tiny home! She is also continuing to add on to the home as time goes on. She is currently building a greenhouse walkway! This project shows that if you work hard, anything is possible! Now this mother has a lovely affordable home for her and her children.

Want to know more about this amazing transformation? Check out this video below!

via: youtube


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