Monarch Home

See How The Monarch Tiny Home Company Maximizes Every Dollar

Monarch Home

You can get a brand new car for $22,000. You can get ones a year old for thousands less than that. We bought our car, new from the lot, for $20k. I know you’re not supposed to do that because they depreciate by about a billion percent the second you drive off but we loved it and we will have it payed off next month. (Thank you Dave Ramsey!) The problem with spending thousands on a car is that they don’t last. We will have to buy a new one as our family grows. One thing that doesn’t depreciate with time is real estate. Monarch Tiny Homes believes in making tiny homes for tiny prices that will last for a long time. That sounds like a good thing to me!

Minimalist living never looked so good! Could you live in a 20-foot x 8 1/2-foot x 13-foot home? Maybe if you got to customize it to fit your one of a kind personality! There are upgrades available too. $20k is a starter price. There are bigger models that are closer to $50,000. Yikes! One of my favorite features about this company is that they will deliver your home too. Talk about the best day ever! Looking to get out of debt and pay off everything like we did? Check out Dave Ramsey. Pretty great stuff.

Take the tour inside here… See Inside This $22,000 Tiny Home (interior photos)