Must Try Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas


I am a failure! Driving down my street is magical. Decorations and falling leaves everywhere. Until…until you get to my house. The front porch is a bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards. No decorations displayed at our house yet. But soon, I promise! Maybe some spider webs, a cauldron, and twinkle lights. And definitely a few of these jack-o’-lanterns featured at Just DIY.

These are good! some people are so talented. I might be able to pull off a few of the simpler ones. I love number 5. Vampire teeth and googly eyes. Win! So many of these are perfect reminders of my childhood. Pikachu, ninja turtles, Calvin and Hobbes, Transformers, etc. Number 23 is beyond crazy artistic. Move over VanGough! Ok. Number 34 is officially my favorite! Which is yours?! Need some help with your pumpkin carving? Martha Stewart has you covered. Isn’t she amazing?!

Here’s the link to all 34 ideas…

JustDIY: 34 Insanely Awesome Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas