Must Try Nail Art Hacks You Can Easily Do On Yourself


I have just found my new favorite roundup! Diply has all of the best DIY nail art hacks and I am so excited to feature them here today. I haven’t seen anything as amazing as these 23 tips in a long time. Eeeek! Did I mention how excited I am????

I am a chronic nail biter. ‘Shame shame, I know your name.’ It’s a horrible habit, I know! Grownups shouldn’t have their hands in their mouths, but…The only way I can let my nails grow out is if I am constantly decorating them. Lol. I am careful with them if I put a lot of work into them. These hacks are easy and wonderful and I can’t wait to try them all!

The lace idea pictured above has to be my favorite of the entire list. Item number 4 is pretty sweet too… you’ll learn how to make your own glitter nail polish (amazing!). I had no idea it was that easy. Headed to the store for supplies now! While there, I’m going to buy what I need for these other DIY nail art ideas from Seventeen

Here’s the link to see all 23 hacks…

Diply: 23 Easy Nail Art Hacks You Can Do On Yourself