Need to Get Away? Create Your Own She Shed

she shed

Lucky little girls had playhouses where they could dream their own dreams all alone or with their best friends. Big girls have dreams too, and all of us could do with a private hideaway in which to dream them. Even the tiniest space that’s all ours — and doesn’t have to be child-proofed — is a respite.

You may have been craving an art studio with room for all your paints and brushes, a space for your loom, your potter’s wheel, or your ballet barre, a place where you can spread out and sew, a space where you can scrapbook without clearing off the dining room table when it’s time to eat, a serene spot to do yoga, an oasis where you can curl up and read without interruption, a dedicated space for photographing, or just someplace where you can get away from it all and eat chocolate without sharing.

Here are ideas for a She Shed you can put up yourself if you’re handy, or with the help of spouse, family, or friends. Treat them to lunch and promise them a visit when you’re settled… but no all-access passes.

This space is going to be yours!

Find all the great ideas here: How To: Create Your Very Own She Shed

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