Looks Like A Regular House On The Outside. Go Inside And You’ll Be Blown Away

Never Judge A House By It’s Exterior. Wow.

 Looks Like A Regular House On The Outside. Go Inside And You’ll Be Blown Away

Wow! This house is ‘50 shades of purple.’ If purple isn’t your favorite color then you probably won’t be putting down an offer for this one. This house in Hillingdog, Middlesex, Egland is floor to ceiling purple.

Paint, carpet, tile…you name it and it is purple! (I’m just glad that pea green wasn’t their favorite color. Ewww.) They already have someone lined up to buy it. Either they love lilac, plum, lavender, violet, and all the other shades of purple or they have the imagination to see other possibilities.

Wow, you gotta check out the inside… Diply: Looks Like A Regular House On The Outside.
Go Inside And You’ll Be Blown Away

Image Credit: diply.com

While most homes look very similar from the outside, you can never quite tell what it’s going to be like when you set foot through the door. That’s because interior design is something that is very personal and different to everyone.

Depending on what the persons hobbies are, or what their favorite color is, they can choose different interior design styles. One unique house has an amazing purple interior design which is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the color purple.

purple interior

Tips to get the interior design right:

– Choose colors that you personally like
– Don’t worry too much what other people think – unless you are trying to sell your home
– Be prepared to whitewash walls when you are trying to sell a home if it has your unique character
– Choose complementary or contrasting colors
– Decorate each room with their own theme, or have a theme which runs through the whole house.

Purple Interior Design

One home in England has been decorated head to toe in purple. There is nothing wrong with this as the owners obviously loved purple. From the outside it looked like a typical suburban home and was attracting quite a lot of visitors who wanted to view the home.

The Realtor decided not to put any internal pictures of the house online. This was done deliberately to conceal the houses color scheme which could be off putting. The color scheme is very strong and won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it will no doubt of put quite a few people off. Purple walls, with purple carpets and even purple trim around the bath can be a bit over the top, even if you love the color purple.

Every single shade of purple imaginable has been used in the house, and you have to admire the owners for achieving this. Even though the house was just as unique as the owners it still attracted offers. Whether the new owners will leave the home as it is, or decorate it with more neutral tones remains to be seen.