Change Your Ways

You’ll Never Need A Bowl For Your Chips Again And 9 More Genius Life Hacks!

Change Your Ways

Doing things differently sometimes leads to something exceptional. I don’t know if doing these 10 simple things are going to make your life more exceptional but they will make it easier. And maybe a little more fun!

These hacks will save you some precious time. Personally, I’d steer clear of using a sharp knife to open a jar. I’d cut myself or break the knife. (PS are those hot dogs in a jar?) I’m really excited about the chips bowl. If I have a party I’m still using a fancy bowl but otherwise I’m sure going to rock this hack. I found the tips for peeling garlic the most helpful! I love cooking with it but hate smelling like it!

What are some other things that you could be doing differently? Washing dishes. There are so many variations out there. One way isn’t wrong, there are just others. Check out what Hub Pages has to say on the matter.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!