Kitchen Hack

This Baking Hack Ensures You’ll Never Splatter Your Batter Again

Kitchen Hack

What is your least favorite part of cooking? The shopping? The measuring? The waiting? The cleanup? Mine would have to be the clean up. I hate waiting for tasty treats too but the cleanup is by far the worst. Have you ever had your mixer spray batter everywhere? Disaster! This clever hack from Little Things will keep that from ever happening again! I’m excited about that.

Who knew that a paper plate could be so helpful? I have a paper plate and a pair of scissors so I have everything I need for this DIY. Talk about mess and stress free baking, Lol.

The kitchen is a popular place. People tend to flock to where the food is. I know that’s where I tend to flock. Lol. That makes it a messy place too. Strategies Online has some helpful tips on how you can keep the kitchen clean. Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!