This New Mini Airstream Trailer Is Perfectly Adorable

The Airstream trailer is a true American icon. People all over the United States purchased these trailers since their start in the 1930s for camping and traveling around the country. Now, 85 years after their first trailer was produced, Airstream has announced plans for a mini Airstream nest camper.

Last month, Airstream purchased an Oregon based company called Nest Caravans. This company made mini fiber glass campers. Airstream will now take over production and produce their own versions.

We have not yet heard the estimated price or the specifics and will need to wait until 2017 to find out. However, we do know that these trailers will be made out of fiber glass and will be super light. Easy to travel with, they will even feature stainless steel appliances and a queen-sized bed.

I would love to get one for a summer road trip so cannot wait to find out how much they will cost! These trailers would also make great tiny houses. Whatever people use them for, it will be fun to own one.

1. The iconic Airstream company just announced a mini Airstream model.

mini Airstream nest camper baby airstream 1

2. They are light enough to be pulled by smaller SUVs and will not guzzle up gas.

mini Airstream nest camper towed

3. Inside, we see that the Airstream has stainless steel appliances.

mini Airstream nest camper appliances

4. It also has a queen size bed with plenty of windows.

mini Airstream nest camper inside baby airstream

5. The prices and exact specifications will be released in 2017.

This is the perfect camper for road trips! Watch this video to take a tour of the Airstream.

via: youtube | airstream
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