26 Life Changing New Ways To Use Everyday Items

New Ways To Use Ordinary Everyday Items

New Ways To Use Everyday Items

Now this was helpful! I can’t wait to try these tricks out. Hand sanitizer to remove ink stains, mustard to help with burns, sugar to help flowers live longer, and marshmallows to help with sore throats. Those are just a few of the crazy ideas in this roundup. Thanks Diply for the wonderful ideas!

See all 26 here… Diply: 26 Life Changing New Ways To Use Everyday Items

Out of all the ideas from the round up – my absolute favorites are:

Use A Can Opener To Open Impossible Packaging

can opener hack

This is the absolute best trick! There is nothing quite as frustrating as not being able to open a new electronic device. I have used scissors and knives with no avail on some of these packages. This new trick will be life changing.

Paper Hole Reinforcements For A Manicure?!

manicure hack

Here’s another awesome trick that I never would have thought of before. I am always running out of these but now I have an alternative. Perfect!

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