Grab The Pattern For This Newborn Envelope Blanket


The ‘envelope blanket’ takes swaddling to whole new levels! What an adorable and clever idea. I think it looks like the love child of a fluffy snowsuit and a warm fuzzy blanket. Lol. This ‘blanket’ has a spot for the legs and a built in hat. It cinches securely around the tummy but has an opening for your little one’s arms. That should make both mom and baby happy; warmth and freedom!

Be sure and check out the free patterns so you can make your own! There are two sizes, 0-4 months and 4-6 months. This would make such a good gift for a baby shower!

Here are few ‘how-to’ links on how to wrap your little baby up all comfy and cozy like a burrito. Swaddling can be very effective at calming babies so this is good info to know. Here are the step-by-step instructions and here is the video. Good luck with your little one!

Here’s the link to the pattern… Newborn Envelope Blanket (Patterns)