Newborn Costumes

Newborn Halloween Costumes (Crochet)

Newborn Costumes

Check out this roundup from Popsugar. It is the cutest to say the least. It’s all about babies. Who doesn’t love babies?! Who doesn’t love babies dressed up as the cutest of things?! These 20 knitted costumes will melt your heart and make you wish it was Halloween right now. I love these!

What was your favorite thing to dress up as a kid? I had some great costumes. Once I was the Tin Man from The Wizard Of Oz. Best costume ever. Another year I was Pippie Longstockings. Last year I was a pirate. You’re never too old to dress up, or too young to start. I love the mermaid tail and Captain America is the best superhero ever. Mario and Little Red Riding Hood are awesome too.

Here are some creative baby photo ideas from Brit and Co. Brilliant! I love baby photo shoots. The baby ninja is the best.

Here’s the link to all 20 costumes…

PopSugar: 20 Crocheted Newborn Costumes For Their First Halloween