No-Bake Oreo Birthday Cake


Check out this delicious no-bake birthday cake. It’s made of my favorite things. Oreos and Cool Whip! Another thing I love about it? It’s quick and easy. It’s a no-bake! This video from Little things will have your mouth watering in seconds! To make this tasty treat you will need cool whip, chocolate pudding mix, Oreos, mini M&Ms, and chocolate chips. That sounds delicious. I love all of those ingredients on their own and adding them together sounds like a sure fire win! I bet it would be good with all different kinds of pudding, not just chocolate!

Watch the video below and follow this link to find the written instructions. Here are some other no-bake cake recipes that you should seriously check out. I’m thinking I’ll make the strawberry and graham cracker one this weekend. We have friends coming over for brunch. After that I think I’ll make the Kahlua one.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!