28 No Carve Pumpkin Ideas You and Your Family Will Love

Pumpkins make great autumn decorations, but sometimes carving them can be a hassle. It takes some special skills and a sharp knife that not everyone may be comfortable with. Also, if you are looking to make pumpkins with your family, you might not want to give a knife to your kids! Carving also makes a mess, which some people want to avoid. Especially if you’re decorating inside!

This is why no-carve pumpkin ideas are so great. Instead of pulling out the knife you can just pull out the paint! Pumpkin decorating doesn’t have to mean dangerous tools or a mess. Now, you and your family can decorate safely and have a great time.

No carve pumpkins are also very creative and attract great attention. Some of them are perfect for Halloween, while some are great for all season long! Be sure to check out these pumpkins and see if you find one that will suit your household. Most of these are DIY with tools you might have in your house right now. If not, a quick trip to the craft store will get you what you need.

1. Emoji pumpkins can be made with yellow paint and marker

Via: cutefetti


2. Design your pumpkins to look like animals!

Via: realsimple


3. Drip paint over pumpkins for a unique design

Via: pinterest


4. Decorate your pumpkin in gauze to look like a mummy

Via: lizzandlittlebit


5. Glitter and glow in the dark paint can make a galaxy pumpkin

via: dreamalittlebigger


6. Try out a bedazzled and glitter pumpkin

Via: pinterest


7. Mod podge can look great on a pumpkin

Via: annieselke


8. Puffy paint and a heat tool can make something like this

Via: pinterest


9. Try out glow in the dark paint

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10. Melted crayon design


11. These ‘donuts’ pumpkins are so cute!

Via: happilyinspired


12. A great Stranger Things idea

Via: cosmopolitan


13. Washi tape pumpkin design

Via: bwdesignstudio


14. Painted stripe pumpkins

Via: simplystacie


15. Use some left over spider webs for a no-carve idea

Via: finditmakeitloveit


16. Mickey Mouse with three pumpkins

Via: instructibles


17. Ribbons make great no carve ideas as well

Via: theautocrathaley


18. This one is perfect for ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ fans!

Via: asthebunnyhops


19. Nail polish sticks to pumpkins pretty well

Via: olormadehappy


20. Glitter coated pumpkin

Via: hgtv


21. This blogger used old nails to make amazing designs

Via: lovelyindeed


22. Flowers can make great pumpkin designs

Via: bhg


23. Lace over a pumpkin is an easy way to get a great design

Via: cosmopolitan


24. Painting a pumpkin and putting studs on it gets this spooky look

Via: cuckoo4design


25. Temporary tattoos are cheap and do stick to pumpkins!

Via: twenty8divine


26. You can glue candy to pumpkins to get a fun idea like this

Via: asubtlerevelry


27. Try out copper and silver markers when drawing on a pumpkin!

Via: lovelyindeed


28. Chalkboard paint can make a creative pumpkin chalkboard!

Via: pinterest

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