No Heat Required For This Curly Hairstyle


It’s funny how hair trends are so cyclical. For a long time I was perfectly happy with my stick straight hair. It worked perfectly for so many hairstyles. I had pity for the poor girl who had to spend seemingly hours in front of a mirror straightening her hair. Curly and wavy hair is so popular right now. When your hair is as naturally straight as mine, sometimes you will do anything to get those beautiful big curls. Sometimes the beauty process must start the night before, like makeup remover or a mask.

This is a great way to put curls in your hair without the damaging effects of heat. That’s right! No curling iron required for this beautiful head of hair. This tutorial from Aunie Sauce is a great, original, all natural way to get those curls you covet. Try it out tonight and tell me how it worked for you. I don’t know if it will work best with thick hair or thin hair wavy or straight. If your hair is already curly you may never get your headband back. Lol. Happy curling.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!