Watch The Northern Lights From Bed In This Icelandic Tiny Home

The northern lights are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to us. In Iceland, the northern lights are a much more common site. That is why this tiny home was built, to be the perfect place to witness the northern lights and many other gifts from nature.

Located just 30 minutes from Reykjaví, this home is definitely one of the most impressive tiny homes on the planet. The home itself is beautiful with its panoramic glass view and modern amenities. But the location is stunning. You can see the mountains, a volcano, the ocean (and even whales) and of course the northern lights!

Many times when we see tiny homes on the internet we would love to stay there. And with this one, you can! For only $484 a night, you can experience this tiny home for yourself. Sure, $484 can be expensive, but seeing the beautiful northern lights and the Icelandic sea is an investment that seems worth it. Planning a trip to Iceland? Bookmark this article and make sure to book a room when you go! What is your favorite part of this home?

This stunning home is located 30 miles from Reykjaví, Iceland

It is located in the Esjen mountains, a volcanic mountain range

This home has some impressive views

But the inside is also impressive

It has panoramic glass around the home

It also features a full kitchen

The bathroom is also very modern

With a very unique shower

It even has a handmade sink

But the most unique room is the bedroom

Where you can look out and see some amazing sights

And you can also spend time on the lovely patios

This home even has a hot tub

And best of all, you can see the northern lights

Here is one last look at this tiny home!


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