She Had Enough Of Her Nosy Neighbors And Came Up With An Awesome Solution!

nosey neighbors

The first thing I do when the sun goes down is close the blinds. I call it the ‘fish bowl’ effect. I don’t want anyone who drives by looking in on us, seeing what movies we are watching, and what we are having for dinner. I don’t want to live in a glass bowl where there is no privacy and everything is exposed. Kfoster (Imgur user) felt the same way. She needed some privacy and a way to get away from her neighbors prying eyes.

She built a tall screen around her deck that gave her that much desired privacy. It has a trellis on top and twinkle lights. We all need a stress-free hiding spot, even in the city. Especially in the city. And kfoster has done just that and transformed her backyard in a stunning way.

Thinking about throwing down your hammer and nails and going green? Pick up a shovel and check out these fast growing trees! Be sure you look at the ones that would thrive in your neck of the woods. I really like the River Birch!

See the finished project and all the “after” photos here…

Little Things: Much Needed Privacy Screen Blocks Nosy Neighbors (photos)