dog holiday dinner

Now, This Is A Dinner That Has Gone To The Dogs

dog holiday dinner

I think these dogs are adorable and so well behaved. I can’t help compare every animal video to my pets. The costumes are precious, mine wouldn’t tolerate them. They are all getting along and being calm, mine don’t know the meaning of the word calm. They look like a real family.

This puppy dinner reminds of the Griswold’s (Christmas Vacation circa 1989). The pitbull has a flask, there is a kid texting, and there is a crazy aunt stealing the silver. There is a couple under the mistletoe and there is the cute-sy couple with matching Christmas sweaters (german shepherds).

The food they are eating is from Freshpets, an all natural dog and cat food company that is dedicated to your pet’s health, protecting the environments, and supporting the local community. Each serving is preservative free and has 18 essential vitamins and minerals. I wish I ate that well! WikiHow as some other tips for keeping your pups healthy. See them here

See the adorable puppy feast video here…Enjoy!