Take A Tour Of This Eco-Friendly, Off-Grid Home On Wheels


Do you think less is best? Lots of people do. That’s why the tiny home movement has taken the world by storm. Google ‘tiny home’ and you will be inundated with more information and pictures that you could ever want or need. There are many different styles, sizes, and manufactures out there, guaranteeing you will find the perfect home. Wohnwagon is one company that you need to check out if you are serious about going tiny.

The homes designed by the Austrian company Wohnwagon are built entirely out of recycled material and are eco-friendly. The interiors are lovely; open and much more spacious than you would think. Hidden storage compartments are built in and there are many pull out features. These homes are completely customizable too. Maybe someday, eh? Check out Wohnwagon’s official website here. Tempted to buy one of these beauties? I don’t blame you! They’re pretty cool.

Here’s the link to see all the amazing interior photos…

LittleThings: Eco-Friendly, Off-Grid Caravan (photos)