How To Build A 14x14 Solar Cabin

Build An Off Grid Solar Powered Home For $2,000

How To Build A 14x14 Solar Cabin

There are scores of amazing stories about people who have chosen to abandon society and live a more simple life off the grid. The Call Of The Wild is the only story I can think of off the top of my head…but there are loads of others!

I could never give up civilization entirely but I relish the idea of getting away from it for awhile. A cabin like this would surely do the trick.

Sustainable living can be a thing of beauty if done right. Huts with chamber pots are a thing of the past. Glory! These plans offer a wonderful guide to “off-grid” living. This eBook shows how to build the cabin, install solar and wind power, how to build cabin additions and so much more. This lovely little cabin was made $2000 using new materials! FInd some other exciting sustainable living ideas from Apartment Therapy here

Here is the full article… Simple Solar Homesteading: How To Build A 14×14 Solar Cabin

Don’t miss the video either. It shows the whole house coming together nicely…Enjoy!