Off The Ground Play Structures For The Kitties


Bernard, is our first child. Well, he is the first pet we ever adopted anyway. As a cat, he likes asserting his independence. He likes swatting at our unsuspecting dogs. He is moody. He wants you to pet him on his own terms. When he is done with the petting he’ll let you know, in sometimes unpleasant ways. Again, he is our first child and we love him.

One thing he has in common with all cats is, he loves to climb. You can usually find him in an elevated location in whichever room he chooses to be in. The back of a couch or the foot of our bed is where you will usually find him. He also likes to hide under tables or behind the curtains. Sometimes, he even climbs above our kitchen cabinets, an amazing acrobatic feat.

Because of all this, I know he would love this cat jungle gym. He deserves a place of his own where he can get away from the dogs, the kids and us for that matter. They look simple to make and actually look pretty good on the walls. You won’t be too much closer to looking like the crazy cat lady. Here are some other fun cat products.

Here’s the link to all 10 ideas…

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