Couple Buys An Old Abandoned Church And The End Result Is Pretty Spectacular


What hasn’t been repurposed into an amazing home? I’ve seen old jails, school buses, and boats turned into a creative and beautiful living spaces. I’ve even seen an airplane home! But this is my first time seeing a church and it’s really beautiful!

Saint Nicolas Church was built in in the 1790s and looks more like a castle than a place of worship. A few things give it away, the graveyard in the backyard is one. The beautiful stained glass depictions of saints is another. I think my favorite thing about this home is the vaulted ceilings. The whole design of the building is amazing. They did a great job with the restoration!

I’m not sure where Kyloe, Northumberland is but I would love to visit it and maybe these nice folks would let me take a peek inside. At the very least, I’d be happy with just seeing the outside and having a jaunt through the tomb stones. Remember that repurposed airplane I mentioned? Check out Aviation Humor and see it for yourself. Here it is!

Here’s the link to take the full tour…

LittleThings: Tour The “After” Here (Abandoned Church)