This DIYer Turns An Old Broken Fridge Into Something Awesome

mini fridge

Instead of paying the landfill to haul away an old mini fridge, why not turn it into something new and useful? That’s exactly what this guy did! It’s now way better than a fridge! Who wouldn’t want this on her porch for parties and general hanging out with the girls?!

When we have parties the drinks always go in a big ugly galvanized tub full of ice. However, only a few hours into the party the ice will be melted and the area around it a mess. Check out this solution to all those problems. Instructables user bpasquariello has created a cooler from his old mini fridge and it’s brilliant! It took just a few hours, some wood, paint and a little elbow grease to create this beautiful cooler. He even put a spigot in to drain the excess water. Great job repurposing! When that cheap old mini fridge from your college dorm finally dies on you, try this out for yourself. I’m counting down the minutes.

This is a great DIY that I’m going to have to hold onto. I’m all about recycling and repurposing! That’s the motto of Green Eco Services too. They have a roundup with 41 ways to reuse-recycle your old ice boxes. Find them all here.

Here’s the link to all the details on this project…

Little Things: Broken Mini-Fridge Gets Transformed Into Something Incredible!