Spooky Old Church Converted Into One Very Unique Home


Churches are always beautiful. From the old gothic styled churches up to the classic american white washed chapel. Maybe it is the memories of church activities, worship, sermons, picnics and potlucks that give me the warm and fuzzy feeling of an old familiar friend whenever I walk into one. This church has been converted into a home and it is beautiful, intricately made piece of art.

Take a look through the photos. The grounds are beautiful. It is entered through a gorgeous stone archway and includes lots of green space and a cemetery. Yes a cemetery. How many people do you know with a cemetery in their backyard? That’s the only thing that makes it spooky.

The kitchen is amazing. It has the original stained glass and statuary above the sink. The old sanctuary has been turned into an enormous living room. I would love this place, but I don’t think we can move to England anytime soon. Check out these other extraordinary churches. Not converted into homes but breathtaking.

Tour inside this amazing house here…

LittleThings: Old Converted Church Is An Absolutely Stunning Home (photos)