Tub Couch

This Old Clawfoot Tub Gets Cut In Half. The Finished Product Is Amazing!

Tub Couch

My dad turned an old stainless steel milk vat into a hot tub 20 years ago and it was so before it’s time. I’m not sure he even knows what repurposing is but he would love this bathtub sofa. I know that I do! Don’t you?

I’m not sure the skill level but I’m thinking intermediate to difficult. This type of couch was featured in Audrey Hepburn’s 1960’s movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but until now I never noticed. Holly Golightly rocks this couch! I wonder if you cut it diagonally could you get two chairs? Interesting thought… This couch would be perfect to pull into the garden for the summer. Love. I know I’ve seen tubs like this on Craigslist or antique stores and I need to go track one down.

Architecture Art Designs has 13 other fun ways to repurpose vintage tubs (the above couch included). I like the mini drink cooler best. Do you have a favorite?

Check out the fun tutorial and great pics featured here…

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