Old Dresser Gets A Beautiful Makeover

lace drawers

I found a whole bolt of lace a few years ago at Goodwill and it has ended up being one of the best purchases ever! I’m sure it wasn’t a full bolt (40-100 yards) but it was a lot and only cost me $5.00. I’ve used it for so many DIYs and I highly recommend picking some up if you ever have the chance! You can make window treatments, votives, use it to fancy up your clothes, or decorate your furniture.

Kelsey Johnson, with Design Innovate Create, decided to use some lace and paint to transform an an old piece of furniture that needed a remodel. She turned an average dresser into something vintage in just a few easy steps. I love this idea! I have the dresser. I have the lace. I have the tutorial. So now I need to head to the paint store. Lol. So excited! Brit and Co has a fancy roundup with 30 lacy DIYs. It’s fabulous! I’m really keen on the eye glasses. Find all the fun ideas here.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial and more photos…

Little Things: She Pulled Out Her Dresser Drawers For One Adorable DIY Project