Old Fridge Into Patio Cooler

old fridge into patio cooler

This has to be one of the best re-purpose projects I have ever seen for the patio. A large refrigerator has been stripped down to it’s base components and turned into a nice cooler for holding a large amount of drinks.

Many people have expressed concern over the safety of this project. This is NOT a functioning refrigerator. The mechanics of the fridge have been removed and it is simply a cooler. So, no worries about the freon “not working” on it’s side.

Also, there has been concern about children getting locked in… there are no locks on this. It’s simply trimmed out doors that open and shut normally with no locking or latching system.

I was able to find a DIY tutorial for you guys too! This tutorial is on how to trim out a small cooler so it’s a bit different but just in scale!

Here’s the link to the tutorial…

Killer B Designs – Rustic Cooler DIY

Image Credit: HomeTalk


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