Reuse Old Items

Don’t Throw Away Those Old Items Just Yet. Check Here First!

Reuse Old Items

Pack Rat. Urban Dictionary defines it as a person who stores anything they acquire and will discard none of it. Kind of like a hoarder. People normally say that’s a bad thing but is it really? What if you reuse, repurpose, and upcycle all of those old things? It’s a win for everyone! This roundup from The San Francisco Globe has a bunch of fun ideas to get you started.

I like the ladder bookshelf the best! I love to read and we have soooo many books that are always looking for homes. How cute would it be if it was painted? The old book ‘book shelf’ is awesome too. The plastic bottle broom would be nice for the garage. Then my husband wouldn’t ruin mine cleaning the garage. Lol. Which is your favorite? Snappy Pixels has another fun roundup of repurpose projects. The vintage suitcase vanity/bathroom mirror is my absolute favorite.

Here’s the link to all 20 ideas..

SF Globe: 20 Clever Ways To Reuse Old Items You Are About To Toss Out