Old Sheds Are Being Transformed Into Amazing Spaces

old shed makeover

Bar Sheds’ are the new man caves and ‘She Sheds’ are the new place to go to get away from it all. Secret sanctuaries are important to have! It’s vital to have a place to relax, get away from the world, and hide from the stress and worries of the day, if only for 15 minutes. (I’d be grateful for 15 minutes some days!) I’m not the only person who thinks a little quality alone time is good for the soul. These perfect peaceful getaways are starting to pop up all over backyards everywhere.

You remember The Secret Garden, right? I loved that movie when I was little. I loved that the little girl turned something old and decaying into something fabulous. These sheds remind of that. They started out as normal boring sheds but the end results…magical! You can carve out your own little space and tailor make it to fit your personality. I love to read so mine would need to have windows and soft lights, comfy chairs, and lots of blankets. I’m getting really excited about this idea!

There are lots of sheds out there. You just need to find the right one to transform. Maybe one of these ones?

Here’s the link to see all the amazing transformations…

Little Things: 15 Stunning Shed Makeovers (photos)