Here’s A Fun Way To Re-Purpose An Old T-Shirt


Old t-shirts clutter up my closet. Where do they all come from? I’m not a hoarder and I constantly take things to Goodwill but they keep showing up! The mystery may never be solved. One good thing about the cotton tee surplus is all the amazing repurposing crafts out there. These shirts are so versatile. You can use them to make everything from a cat tent to fashionable scarf. You can do it all! Making a fun DIY purse is another great way they can put to good use!

This is a cute and simple place to start your repurposing journey. You need an old shirt and some scissors. What could be easier? This isn’t a trick I swear! Snip snip. Knot knot. Done done. A bag like this would be perfect for shopping or a day at the beach. I have this faint recollection of doing something like this in Home Ec but I’m not sure. Sorry Mrs. Thompson. (I do remember that wretched pillow thought!)

This video got me thinking about purses. I heart purses. #LouisVuitton #Chanel #Prada #Gucci. Sadly, those wardrobe changing (life changing?) bags aren’t in my budget! Lucky for me there are some cute DIY alternatives out there. They’re no Dior but they are pretty splendid. By Wilma has a fabulous roundup of the top 10 DIY bags and I know you will love ‘em! Find them here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!