Before You Donate The Kid’s Old Toys To The Thrift Store. Try This!

toy lamp 2

Do you know what movie comes out this weekend? A bunch of them, but there is one that I have been waiting for… the latest of the Avengers movies. Sooo excited. I love superheroes with my whole heart. Batman is my favorite of the old school heroes but Captain America is my new fav. How cool would it be to have a lamp that incorporates any and all heroes, villains, toy cars, etc?! Now you can with this fun DIY.

This is a great way to get some of those less played with toys out of the way. I hate stepping on action figures! Ouch! I see a Buzz Lightyear, the Hulk, and even a ninja turtle in this lamp! This is a quick and easy DIY that you and your kids will love. It’s pretty spectacular considering that it’s just old toys and paint. A little rusty on your heroes and villains? Get a little refresher course here.

See the ‘super’ video here…