The ‘Old World Vermont’ Tiny Home By Perch and Nest Is Truly Impressive

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The ‘Old World Vermont’ is a tiny home currently located in the North Carolina countryside. It has somewhat of a modern look with lots of antique and rustic features, making this home a one-of-a-kind build.

This home is only 300 square feet and was made by the tiny home company Perch and Nest. The home has two-bedroom lofts with privacy gates, a bathroom, and super high ceilings with plenty of extra storage space. Upon looking at this home, I would have never suspected it was only 300 square feet. The designer of this home did a great job of maximizing every inch of space.

One of my favorite features is the fold out deck. It reminds me of a drawbridge!

Right now, this home is not furnished but it is ready to be. This home is currently a model that is for sale. So, if you or someone you know is currently looking for a rustic tiny home like this, you are in luck.

Also, don’t miss the access to the loft – this is one of very few designs that use actual stairs instead of a ladder. Love this feature!

This rustic tiny home is called the ‘Old World Vermont’ and it is currently located in the North Carolina Countryside.

photos via: perchandnest


It is a modern looking home that has a splash of rustic flair!


The ceilings are high for a tiny home, giving you plenty of space.


And the wood floors in this home are beautiful.


One of the coolest features is the staircase, which gives you extra storage space.


Upstairs is the bedroom loft


There is even a small gate to close up the loft

A second loft is also on the other side of the home. The gate is there for extra privacy.


The bathroom is on the lower level, and has some cool features


For example, the door slides and features storage space!


The shower is also beautifully made.


And just look at that sink! It is very unique

It is meant to resemble bowls that people used to wash their hands in before plumbing. However, it is an actual sink


The house runs on propane, and the tanks are hidden in the built in cabinets on the outside.


The main doors are mirrored, giving you extra privacy.


And this home has a collapsible deck, and it’s ready to move wherever you go!

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