52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You

Organization Tips For The OCD Person In You

52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You

Your inner organizer will rejoice after seeing this fabulous roundup from Buzzfeed. If you fall in love with more than 25 (I did). You have a true passion for being neat and organized. Kudos! I love number 4! Who knew my shelves had built in cubbies? And I don’t know anyone whose purse can’t use some extra help. These and so many others will be so useful in my life!

You’d have to ask my husband if I’m OCD, but all I know is that I love all these ideas!

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52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You

Your life is probably very busy and frantic. This can cause a lot of mess which can ultimately make finding anything much more difficult. Read these simple organization tips to discover how they can be used to make your life much easier.

Organization Tips:

– Fold Plastic Bags
– Hang Shelves upside down
– Organizing Drawers
– Storing Plates
– Make Baking Easier
– Hiding fridge Memos out of sight

Folding Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are very useful items which can be used over and over again. The problem is knowing where to store them. Most people just shove them all into a tiny space which may keep them out of the way, but it can also make it difficult to get them out. A much more organized option is to fold the plastic bags into triangles. Fold the bags in half, and then half again. Then wrap and fold the plastic bag into a triangle. This will keep your cupboard tidy and prevent the bags from making a mess.

Hang Shelves upside down

It may seem a bit counter intuitive to hang shelves upside down, but it can actually create some very useful space. By hanging them upside down the brackets will create little compartments, and also prevent things from falling off the shelves.

Organizing Drawers

Drawers will normally get quite messy, since most people will throw everything into a drawer when tidying up. To organize them, you can use boxes or bins. The trouble is that these will move when you open and close the drawer. A simple solution to this problem is to use Velcro to secure the bins in place. This will still allow the bins to be removed when tidying up.

Storing Plates

A pegboard can be customised to make it hold plates and bowels in place. This will make it easier to make sure the plates and bowls are being put in the correct place.

Make Baking Easier

When you are baking, you will often want to know equivalent measures for weights and volumes. Looking on the Internet or in a recipe book will give you this information, but it will waste some time. An easier solution is to use blackboard paint to paint a blackboard onto the inside of one of your cabinets. Then, you can use chalk to write down equivalent, or virtually anything else you want to remember while in the kitchen. The same technique could also be used to help you remember your shopping list.

Hiding Fridge Memos out of Sight

Most people put lots of memos and notes all over their fridge, secured with magnets. Instead of having this cutter clearly visible, try tucking it out of sight. Put a piece of sheet metal into the inside of the cupboard door, and then use this to stick all the magnets to.

Use Tension Rods to Hang Scarves

Scarves can be very difficult to hang up and look neat and tidy. To organise them better simply use some tension rods. These can be secured in place anywhere you have a small alcove in the room. Then the scarves can be tied to it to keep them organised.

Organize your Desk

If you need shelving at your desk then you could install a couple of shelves. For an easier solution though, use shoe racks the same color as your desk and put them on the surface. This is a great way to organise routers and paperwork.

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