18 Clever Organizational Hacks for A More Functional Home

Are you happy with how clean and organized your house or apartment is right now? Or how clean your desk is? I can answer that for you. The answer is probably no. It seems that the older we get, the busier we become.

We don’t have time to keep our homes or offices in tip top shape. Nobody does. And when we do finally catch a few minutes to ourselves, we want to go out and have fun. Not spend all weekend cleaning. That is probably why maid services are so popular, right?

Thanks to life hackers and Pinterest fanatics, cleaning and organizing your life just got ten times easier. Skip on the expensive maid service and the expensive office organizers. There are ways to hack your organization on a budget.

We have gathered the best 18 organizational tips from the deepest regions of the internet. The 18 items below will help you feel so much more organized. Best of all, these take very little time to do and will provide you with years of satisfaction. So go ahead, get organized today!

An organized life is a happy life.

1. Use plastic bins in your fridge

Keep all of your food organized and add more space to your fridge by using plastic bins. This also makes it easy to find what you are looking for as you can just plop a bin on the counter. A great space saver!


via: pinterest

2. Organize your cables using binder clips

Binder clips are a great way to organize your chargers and other cables. This prevents them from getting lost or tangled.

binder clips

via: lifehacking

3. Save tin cans to use as craft storage

Save those coffee cans and use them as storage for crafts. You can hang them to a craft board using Velcro.

tin cans

via: mendezmanor

4. Install a tension rod to organize cleaning products

Installing a tension rod under the sink is a great way to save space and keep all of your cleaning supplies organized.

tension rod

via: jenthousandwords

5. Find out which clothes you don’t wear

Turn all of the hangers in your closet backwards, and turn them around when you wear something. After a year, donate everything you don’t wear. A great way to organize your closet and be charitable!


via: thegloss

6. Save peanut butter containers to store nuts and bolts

Once you finish off a jar of delicious peanut butter, don’t throw away the jar. Instead, wash it out and use it to store nuts and bolts in your garage!

peanut butter

via: chezlarsson

7. Build a magnetic spice rack

A great way to free up cabinet space and better organize your spices. There is a reason professional chefs do this, it saves space and helps you know how much of each spice you have left!

spice rack

via: jillyotz

8. Velcro your remotes and game controllers

This is a great organizational hack to ensure that you will never loose a remote or game controller again! This also keeps them off the floor and prevents them from getting stepped on.


via: dailyarchitecturedesign

9. Keep matching pillowcases and sheets together

Store your sheets inside their matching pillowcases. This saves space and keeps them together!

pillow cases

via: marthastewart

10. Use wine boxes to store shoes

Keep all of your shoes from cluttering your closet or your garage by putting them in a wine box. A great hack for families!


via: alawstudentsjourney

11. Store your snacks in plastic easter eggs

This hack is useful and fun! Store your snacks inside plastic easter eggs to keep them fresh and make them look decorative.

easter eggs

via: ramblingsofahandbagdesigner

12. Use a tackle box to store your jewelry

A tackle box is a great way to store your jewelry and prevent earrings from getting lost. Also helps prevent your necklaces from getting tangled.

tackle box

via: theeverydayminimalist

13. Hang shoes on walls using molding

Hang up your shoes on the wall by using molding. Great hack if you have a lot of heels!

wall shoes

via: dailywomentalks

14. Make a bungee cord pen for stuffed animals

Keep all of the stuffed animals around your house organized with a bungee cord pen. Just pull a bar to the side to put a stuffed animal in.

bungee cord pen

via: thegriffithsgarden

15. Or use a bungee cord to hang accessories

Bungee cords can also be used to hang sunglasses or headphones. Pretty neat, huh?

bungee accessory

via: britco

16. Store plastic bags in tissue boxes

Save those old tissue boxes and use them to store plastic bags. Also makes a great plastic bag dispenser!

tissue box

via: spacewise

17. Use velcro under your desk

De-clutter your work space by placing velcro under your desk. Works great for USB hard drives.

velcro desk

via: apartmenttherapy

18. Store metal accessories on a magnetic strip

Great for bobby pins, tweezers, and nail clippers. A cheap and effective way to organize your bathroom.

magnet strip

via: darkroomanddearly